Since 1986
28 years in the community

The NDG Food Depot strives to eliminate hunger in a manner that ensures dignity, community engagement and the development of human potential. We have been serving NDG and the surrounding Montreal boroughs since 1986 and have been an independent charitable organization since 2003.

All our activities are based on the holistic approach that "Everything is Nourishment". This includes having healthy food, authentic relationships and opportunities for meaningful engagement and personal development. Our aim is to create a balance between direct emergency service and programs that promote self-reliance and community building. The key difference between the NDG Food Depot and regular food banks is our approach to the issues of food security. We are aware that food banks do little to address the underlying issues that lead to hunger, poverty and social isolation. We also appreciate that without access to healthy food, people may not have the energy to participate in initiatives that address these fundamental questions.


craft fair with over 40 artisans - Oct 25 & 26
St. Ignatius church, 4455 West Broadway, H4B 2A7
Sat 10-4 & Sun 10-3 - lunch available at a reasonable price

Volunteers of the Month:   September 2014
Mike Donaldson and Luiza Axioti

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